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Our Values

Athletic excellence. We train our dancers to excel in all technical aspects of their art as if they are in preparation for careers in the world of professional dance. We believe that high level expectations teach them focus, drive, tenacity and poise thus preparing them for success in whatever field they choose in their future. 


Character development. We encourage healthy development in our dancers so they can build the discipline, integrity, professionalism, and self-esteem that will be vital to their dance careers and all other aspects of their lives. 


Fun. We believe that dance is a joyful personal expression that makes the world a better place when shared with others. We are careful never to let our pursuit of technical excellence overshadow the inherent well-being and enjoyment of our dancers. 


Body Positivity. All bodies were made to enjoy dancing! We encourage our dancers to focus on treating their bodies in ways that keep them healthy and strong rather than trying to strive for a particular aesthetic look. 


Respect for Childhood. Most of our dancers are minors, and we believe they should be able to express themselves in dance as the young athletes that they are, without sexualization of their bodies through costumes or choreography. Our standard for music prohibits the use of drug or alcohol references, it must not be harassing, obscene, defamatory, or hateful to any person or entity. Our teachers are fingerprinted and trained to protect the safety of our students.

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