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Temecula Murrieta Ballet Tumbling Jazz Lyrical tap Hip Hop Break dance  Dance Integrity

Dancing With Integrity

About Dunamix Dance Project.



Dunamix comes from the Greek word dunamis, which can be translated as  “strength,” “power,” or “ability.” The English words “dynamic” and "dynamite" is also derived from dunamis. This powerful word captures beautifully the potential that dance has to serve as a universal language that conveys truth and shatters social boundaries and division among differing groups of people. 

We believe that in a nurturing and encouraging environment, students will thrive. No matter where life will ultimately lead them, they will be molded by the challenges they overcame, the goals they set and attained, and the love of those who helped to educate and develop their artistic voice.



I’d like to become a professional dancer. Can you help me?

Professional dance is an incredible career for passionate dancers who want to live their dream every day. Our school was founded by a retired professional ballerina, and we understand the technical skills and soft skills you’ll need to develop to succeed in this industry. We love training dedicated young dancers to fulfill their dreams of going pro! (Click here to meet some of our graduates who are professional dancers)

What age should my child begin dance lessons?

Your child can begin as early as age 2 if they show an interest. Training for serious dancers usually begins by age 9, although we don’t really believe in setting artificial limitations or rules about what is possible. It’s never too late to start dancing if you want to dance! We even offer classes to adults. 

Are you a Christian dance school?

Dunamix was originally founded as a dance ministry in partnership with a Christian church. Over the years, we feel our mission to spread the joy of dance was not limited to any particular religious ideology. Today we are an independent and inclusive dance school open to all who share our core values. We do not use explicit Christian messaging in our programs, but many of the Christian families whose children dance with us have found that our core values and approach still align well with their beliefs. 


What do you mean by your slogan  “Dancing with Integrity”? 

Becoming a good dancer is about more than just learning the technical skills. It is also about becoming a person of character with the work ethic, focus, professionalism, and self-esteem needed to succeed in life. We consider it our mission to train well-rounded dancers with all of these skills. The slogan “Dancing with Integrity” is also a nod to our school’s core values

Founder & Director

Nicole Thomas

Temecula Murrieta Ballet Tumbling Jazz Lyrical tap Hip Hop Break dance  Dance Integrity

Nicole received formal ballet training from Balanchine Ballerina, Linda Yorth. Having studied dance in all of its forms for over 30 years under some of the most influential and successful instructors around the world, Nicole has extensive training and professional experience in ballet, modern, jazz, and musical theater.

Nicole has taught master classes in California and New York, going as far as Ecuador, Cuba and Italy to bring dance to the world. Nicole has successfully completed the ABT® Teacher Training Intensive in Primary through Level 7 of the ABT® National Training Curriculum.  She teaches with excellence and a contagious love of her art.

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